Hardwood Flooring Installation in Camano Island

Is it time to replace your home’s floors in Camano Island? As you begin preparing for your hardwood flooring installation, you’ll quickly realize there are many different colors available to choose from. While a remodeling contractor can provide samples and price estimates, the final decision is left to you. Picking a flooring color is no small task and it can be expensive to alter in the future. Keep the following factors in mind as you determine what’s best for you and your home.

Space Details

As with every interior home remodeling project, consider your space holistically before making your final decision. Keep factors like wall color, wall texture and décor in mind.


The size of your space should also impact your hardwood flooring color choice. Dark tones rarely work well for small rooms, especially if they also have low ceilings. This tends to make the space look smaller and gloomy.


Additionally, it’s important to keep future maintenance requirements in mind. While hardwood flooring can always be resurfaced, preventing damage should be a priority. There are also ways to hide imperfections. Natural tones tend to conceal scratches better, making them ideal for busy households with children and pets.

Ready for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Camano Island?

Now that you’ve spent some time thinking about your design preferences, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. The pros at Square Foot LLC are here to assist with your upcoming project. Our highly-trained team has years of experience in construction and remodeling. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to offer a wide variety of superior building services, including interior and exterior remodeling, commercial remodeling, painting and roofing. We also offer superior property management services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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